Full service crop planning, development, and management for commercial cannabis cultivation.




  • Site Consultation
  • Use Permit Consultation
  • Water Systems Evaluation & Planning
  • Economic Feasibility Evaluation
  • Real Estate Purchase Due Diligence Assessment
  • Crop Marketability Assessment



  • Consultation and Assessment
  • Water Systems Development
  • Civil Engineering Network Referral
  • Grading Permit Consultation
  • Electrical & Gas Facilities Consultation
  • Building Logistics Consultation
  • Security Systems Consultation



  • Site Preparation
  • Varietal Selection
  • Planting Services
  • Trellis Plan
  • Labor Allocation Plan
  • Irrigation Outlay



  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Crop Evaluation
  • Pruning and Trellis Training
  • Irrigation & Water Resource Allocation
  • CannaCulturist Consultant Services



  • Harvest Planning
  • On-Site Harvest Specialist
  • Distribution and Sales Referrals
  • Concentrate and Processing
  • Referral Program

Fourteen years of collective experience with indoor, outdoor, and light deprivation techniques.



Samual edwards

Sam Edwards is a 3rd generation Sonoma County native with roots in the agricultural community of Freestone. He studied engineering at Purdue University and worked as a project manager in a local civil engineering firm. Sam began his career in the cannabis industry in 2010 and has since managed both medium and large scale outdoor and mixed light deprivation greenhouse cultivation sites. Sam has worked closely with the wine industry on use permitting issues and real estate development. 

Josh malgieri

Josh Malgieri is also a 3rd generation Sonoma County native with roots in the construction industry. As a licensed and bonded contractor he manages and operates TJM Builders Inc. along with his father. For the past 7 years Josh has specialized in design, build, and optimization of commercial cultivation facilities around the Bay area, with a focus on indoor and mixed light greenhouse cultivation. Josh works closely with local permitting departments and PG&E to develop properties into compliance.